Design and manufacturing of packages

Hurtti-Paino Oy manufactures a wide range of packaging solutions from cardboard and microflutes corrugated cardboard. We also offer packaging and the structural design.

We offer our customers a product-specific packaging solution that:

  • meets the customer's production requirements
  • protects the product on its way from production through storage and transport to the final customer
  • is easy to use and will support marketing
  • is priced competitively
  • is eco-friendly in its entire life cycle

Our products include:

  • various kinds of cardboard boxes
  • machine packaging
  • windowed boxes
  • pastry trays and cases
  • blister cards
  • gift packages
  • oven dishes

Our production process

Behind the good quality and flexibility of Hurtti-Paino Oy is our modern machinery and highly motivated and professional staff.

Our range of modern machinery allows us to manufacture a very wide range of products. We produce all of our packaging with the same quality and to the customers' specifications, be it non-printed packaging or packaging with full color printing. Added value can be obtained by including targeted varnishing, braille or foil surfaces. The finished packages are suitable for both manual and machine packaging.

Our new and versatile ahdesive machines allow the manufacture of side-glued, auto bottomed, 4 and 6 point glued boxes. Our machines are eqquipped with optical quality control systems.

Product photos of different structures